A tale of two logos

When the news about the renaming of the Southwest Regional Spaceport as Spaceport America was first reported by the AP, a logo that featured the spaceport name superimposed on the classic Apollo 17 image of the Earth. However, the Spaceport America web site shows a slightly different logo: in this case, replacing the Apollo 17 Earth image with what appears to be a computer-generated view of the Western Hemisphere. The latter is arguably a more appropriate choice for Spaceport America, although the mixed messages are a little confusing.

Speaking of the spaceport, Albuquerque Tribune columnist Gene Grant says he’s “getting warm on this spaceport idea”, and even likes the new name. “Calling itself the nation’s spaceport from the go is cheeky by half, and I love it. That’s the attitude I’m looking for.”

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