Another space tourism survey

I noted in an earlier post that one of the key issues with forecasting the demand for space tourism is the need to do an updated survey to see how preferences have changed since the original Futron/Zogby study in 2002. reports that such an effort is underway by Incredible Adventures, a Florida-based adventure tourism […]

Space tourism on The Space Show

The Space Show has a couple of recent space tourism-themed shows that may be of interest to listeners. On Sunday John Spencer of the Space Tourism Society was on the show, while tonight (Monday) at 10 pm EDT Jane Reifert of Incredible Adventures will be on the show (a recording of which should be available […]

SpaceShipOne, two years later

Today is the second anniversary of the first flight into space by a piloted, privately-developed spacecraft: SpaceShipOne. That flight, as well as the two X Prize-winning flights that followed in September and October of 2004, were witnessed in person by thousands in Mojave and many more on television and online–many of whom were probably interested […]