Aerojet Rocketdyne to build upper stage engines for the Stratolauncher program

An illustration of Stratolaunch Systems’ proposed air-launch system, now called the Eagles Launch System according to a contractor’s press release. (credit: Stratolaunch Systems)

Aerojet Rocketdyne is the latest company to become part of Stratolaunch Systems’ effort to develop a large air-launch system. The company announced Monday that it won a contract from Stratolaunch for […]

Stratolaunch Systems shows off its new partnership with Orbital

Earlier this month Stratolaunch Systems confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in the space industry: its new partnership with Orbital Sciences Corporation to develop the launch vehicle for its air-launch system. Since late last year, after Stratolaunch ended its original partnership with SpaceX, Stratolaunch was rumored to be in discussions with Orbital. Earlier this […]

Stratolaunch lays the groundwork while refining its aircraft design

A little over two months ago a new company backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Stratolaunch Systems, shook up the space industry with plans to develop the world’s largest airplane to perform air launches of a medium-sized rocket. After that initial burst of publicity the company faded from view, but it has remained busy laying […]