Reviving Spaceport Singapore

A Reuters article last week led with the news that Virgin Galactic planned to order additional SpaceShipTwo vehicles, with an initial order of five. That, though, has been what the company has been saying for some time (although the option for seven more, also mentioned in the article, isn’t as widely known). Virgin’s Alex Tai […]

Interorbital’s Destiny

Last week Interorbital Systems, which is developing the Neptune orbital vehicle, announced that it was partnering with DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE) to sell flights on the vehicle. Who is DestinySpace? The press release describes the company as “the world’s leader in space tourism retail”, which no doubt comes as a surprise to Space Adventures and Virgin […]

Dennis Quaid, space tourist?

Actor Dennis Quaid is starring in a new movie, but he is eyeing a much higher vantage point, according to one report. Quaid, a pilot, tells the World Entertainment News Network that “The ultimate would be to fly in space”. The $200,000 ticket price for Virgin Galactic is “almost getting to be reasonable”, he said, […]

Best wishes

I didn’t receive the original email blast from Scaled Composites about the health of Burt Rutan, but, like no doubt many readers, wanted to pass along my best wishes for a speedy recovery to him after undergoing open heart surgery earlier this month. Rutan was suffering from something called “constrictive pericardium”, which meant he suffered […]

New Armadillo suborbital vehicle designs

The latest Armadillo Aerospace project update has the usual detailed technical descriptions of engine and other vehicle work. At the end, though, John Carmack includes some illustrations of a proposed single-person suborbital vehicle, using a “six pack” of modules. Carmack talked about this concept last year at Space Access ’07, including the transparent bubble where […]

Screening and training space tourists

Also in Monday’s issue of The Space Review I discuss some of the issues that are emerging with the screening and training of space tourists, as well as their crew members, based on a panel during the FAA’s annual commercial space transportation conference earlier this month. The highlight of the panel upon which most of […]

Talking with Garriott

Monday’s issue of The Space Review features an interview with Richard Garriott, who is currently in Russia training for a flight to the ISS this fall. Garriott describes the not-uncommon issues associated with living and training there (learning Russia, the less-than-gourmet food) as well as his plans to perform experiments on the ISS and even […]

Getting the best out a bad poll

[Another catchup post.]

About a week ago ABC News published the results a poll about space tourism, among other space-related topics, with the key takeaway point that four in ten people woule be willing to fly in space for at least some amount of money. ABC also published the complete poll questionnaire and detailed results.


Space tourism history and skepticism in Boston

The annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Boston hosted a session yesterday titled “50 Years of the Space Age: Looking Back, Looking Forward”. The session an eclectic panel: space historian Roger Launius (as moderator), former Soviet space scientist and advisor Roald Sagdeev, former astronaut Kathy Sullivan, and Andrew […]

Another tale of “the end of near”

[Apologies for the long delay in posts – I’m catching up on a lot of other work.]

Last week reported that there will be no more seats for paying passengers on Soyuz flights to the ISS after April 2009 because of the increase in the station’s crew size from three to six. The article […]