Interorbital’s Destiny

Last week Interorbital Systems, which is developing the Neptune orbital vehicle, announced that it was partnering with DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE) to sell flights on the vehicle. Who is DestinySpace? The press release describes the company as “the world’s leader in space tourism retail”, which no doubt comes as a surprise to Space Adventures and Virgin Galactic, since it appears DSE hasn’t sent anyone to space or racked up much sales for tourist flights. The company’s web site describes it as “The Official Retailer Of The Space Tourism Industry” (official according to whom?) and it describes its mission as “a company working within the space tourism industry designed to act as a portal for all faucets of commercial space travel.” Obviously they hope to tap the latent demand for spaceflight and thus open the spigots of cash flow.

2 comments to Interorbital’s Destiny

  • Peter

    FYI – Retail means store bought goods. They sell merchandise – t-shirts, buttons, hats.

    Who buys this crap you ask? Idiots who need gifts for other idiots.

    In this regard they do seem to be the world leader…

  • fuq2

    FYI – Retail means store bought goods…
    It’s to bad Jeff can’t tell the difference.
    BTW Pete – Countdown Creation/The Space Store customers may disagree with you, so might the 4 million people each year who buy the same stuff at JSC/KSC

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