Year-end space tourism wrapup

A few odds and ends from the last week of 2007:

The Washington Times reported on Richard Garriott’s planned flight to the ISS in 2008 in an article published on Christmas Day. In addition to Garriott’s plans to perform commercial experiments on his flight, the article notes that “companies are invited to develop advertising campaigns […]

Lloyd’s looks at commercial spaceflight insurance

In an article on its web site posted Thursday, famed insurer Lloyd’s of London looks at the potential business of insuring commercial human spaceflight. “Lloyd’s brokers and underwriters say there is capacity in the market to provide insurance cover for the commercial flights if underwriters are convinced about their level of exposure to passenger liabilities,” […]

Is the end near for Soyuz tourist flights?

AFP reported yesterday that Roskosmos head Anatoly Perminov suggested the end was near for tourist flights to the ISS on regular Soyuz taxi flights there. According to Perminov, the planned increase in the ISS crew size from three to six—expected by the end of the decade, when ISS assembly is complete—will leave no room on […]

Space Access: not just a space tourism company

A follow-up to our earlier coverage of the re-launch of Space Access LLC: A Corpus Christi, Texas TV station reports that the company’s plans include an “an economically-friendly community on roughly 25,000 acres of land” on Kenedy Ranch south of the city. That development is said to be similar to Celebration, Florida, the Disney planned […]

Indian space tourism contest ready for launch

Back in July I noted here that a new Indian TV channel was planning a contest with a suborbital spaceflight as the top prize. reports that the televised portion of this contest is ready to begin, with four episodes starting Sunday. According to the article:

The episodes are divided into four rounds – the […]

Space Access relaunches

It’s almost like a flashback to the 1990s. Space Access LLC, a company that dates back to the mid-1990s, formally announced its plans Thursday to provide suborbital space tourism flights starting in 2011. Back in the 1990s Space Access was proposing a spaceplane that could launch satellites or carry cargo to the ISS. The company […]

More on Virgin’s upcoming plans

Marketing Week reports Thursday that Virgin Galactic will be unveiling more than just the design of White Knight Two and SpaceShipTwo during an event at the American Museum of Natural History in New York on January 23. “We will be unveiling the entire design and structure of the project, and it looks nothing like what […]

Geeks from Space: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Another company is making an effort at developing a reality TV show with a space theme and prize. Isthmus, a paper in Madison, Wisconsin, reports that a pair of Univ. of Wisconsin alums are promoting a proposed reality TV series: “Geeks in Space” (featuring a trailer produced by Bo Ryan, the men’s basketball coach at […]

Spaceports review

In this week’s issue of The Space Review, I provide an overview of spaceport developments in New Mexico and elsewhere. As you’ve read here, there have been a wide variety of developments in spaceports in various locations, even as the commercial ventures seeking to use them have found it harder than expected to get funding […]

Revived ventures, new spaceports

As if the current crop of space tourism ventures, and the spaceports they plan to operate out of, aren’t enough, come a couple of developments. KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, reports that Space Access is planning to offer suborbital tourism flights out of the city in the next future. If the name Space Access sounds […]