SpaceShot’s free version

Today is the official release of, a free version of the online skill game launched last year by SpaceShot that awards free spaceflights to winners of its weather prediction game. The free version is funded through advertising, such as Google AdSense ads, and offers a wide range of prizes, from a zero-g flight and […]

SpaceShot developments

SpaceShot, the company offering skill contests that give people the opportunity to win a trip to space, made a few announcements yesterday. (The press release isn’t on its web site, but can be viewed on HobbySpace.) In brief, the company is setting up a Latin American unit and announced a new round of angel funding […]

Labor Day SpaceShot special

Sam Dinkin, CEO of SpaceShot, passed along a holiday special the company is running for people who think their best chance of making it into space is through gaming:

This weekend, let’s celebrate people who have less than $200,000 in mad money. SpaceShot is giving away a free play at level 1 with every play […]

Space Shot survey

Sam Dinkin, founder of Space Shot, the company started earlier this year to provide suborbital space tourism prizes to people who win its weather prediction contests, let me know that the company is providing a survey to gauge interest in potential improvements to the game and the site, including different price points for entering the […]

What’s in a motto?

In the first of what he plans to be monthly essays in The Space Review on the progress of his business, Sam Dinkin of SpaceShot describes the process that went behind the selection of his company’s motto, “Astrae Popularetis”. The phrase can mean “You shall see the Stars belong to the People”, but he notes […]

A SpaceShot update

At Space Access ’06 Thursday afternoon, Sam Dinkin offered an update on the progress of SpaceShot, which launched its skill-game contest for Rocketplane seats earlier this month. A few highlights:

He said that he has a patent pending on SpaceShot’s “asycnhronous” single-elimination tournament concept, which allows people to enter at any time, waiting until a […]

SpaceShot/ deal

SpaceShot issued a press release this morning (not yet available on their web site) that they have entered into a promotional agreement with a new space entertainment venture, Each of the first half-million people who sign up for an account with will receive two free entries in SpaceShot’s competition, a promotion valued at […]

Rocketplane congratulates SpaceShot

Rocketplane Ltd. have a shot out to Space Shot in a press release yesterday, congratulating the gaming company on its debut. Of course, SpaceShot contestants are competing to win tickets for Rocketplane flights, so you’d expect a congratulatory note. MSNBC’s Alan Boyle follows up with SpaceShot’s Sam Dinkin in a blog post, and finds that […]

Space Shot launches

By coincidence, the same day I planned to launch this new blog is the same day that Space Shot, the space tourism skill game, officially opened to the public. Space Shot, for those who have now been closely following its development, is an online skill game where contestants compete for a ride on Rocketplane Ltd.’s […]