Starchaser wants you… to fill out a survey

The Anglo-American space tourism venture Starchaser is asking people to full out a space tourism survey. The survey consists of a little over 30 questions that attempt to gauge interest in suborbital space tourism among potential customers. The survey, primarily multiple choice but with a few questions that have free-form answers (“Please list the training […]

Richardson: Spaceport America “is the future”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson paid a visit to Las Cruces and stumped for Spaceport America, saying that voters should approve tax referenda in three southern counties in April. “I’m asking every citizen to go out and vote yes on the spaceport because it is the future,” Richardson said in a speech at a Las […]

That other inevitability

On Friday it was death, and today it’s something that is equally inescapable: taxes. The AP has an article about Brian Emmett, who won the grand prize Oracle Space Sweepstakes in 2005, a suborbital spaceflight. Problem is, Emmitt was facing a $25,000 tax bill based on the value of the prize, a bill he couldn’t […]

Spaceport news update

Some developments at commercial spaceport projects in the US and Europe:

On Friday the Swedish government officially announced Spaceport Sweden, including an agreement to have Virgin Galactic conduct suborbital tourist flights from the facility near Kiruna. According to, the government doesn’t plan to invest any money into the site, saying that there is sufficient […]

Planning for the unfortunate but the inevitable

It will happen, sooner or later: a commercial suborbital passenger spacecraft will have an accident, injuring or killing some or all of the people on board. What sort of reaction will the accident trigger among the general public and members of Congress? How should the industry and its regulators, the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space […]

“Please take care of Charles”

That was the request of domestic doyenne Martha Stewart to members of the International Space Station crew she interviewed earlier this week, USA Today reported. “Suni, please take care of Charles while he’s there,” Stewart said to NASA astronaut Suni Williams, one of the three members of the current ISS crew. The “Charles” in question […]

Mixed messages on Russian space tourism

So how eager are Russians to fly tourists on their Soyuz missions to the ISS? One answer comes from Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov, who invited Indians to buy rides to the ISS as tourists while on a trip to India. “You could be a space tourist, if you have the money,” Ivanov said, according […]

More “space tourism” in Saipan

The Saipan Tribune reported last week that the local government has approved a plan by a Japan “space adventure company” to lease space at an island airport. The company, Space Japan, plans to use the airport for high-altitude aircraft flights and likens itself to Space Adventures, although it appears that Space Japan doesn’t offer anything […]

A Reason-able take on NewSpace

The January issue of Reason magazine includes a feature article titled “Space Travel for Fun and Profit”. The article appears based primarily on coverage of the NewSpace 2006 conference in Las Vegas, including a tour of Bigelow Aerospace’s factory that took place during the conference. (Best line, from the introduction where author Katherine Mangu-Ward and […]

Bigelow’s launch “delay”

Bigelow Aerospace announced this week that the launch of its Genesis 2 spacecraft will be delayed by two months until approximately April 1 because of launch vehicle issues. “Naturally, we are all disappointed because the spacecraft was and is ready to ship out to meet the original Jan. 30 launch date,” Robert Bigelow said in […]