Music publications get rolled and spun by one musician’s satellite claims

Interorbital System’s Common Propulsion Module Test Vehicle (CPM TV) lifts off from the Mojave Desert on March 29. The rocket’s payload included one for musician John Frusciante, but that satellite is not in orbit today. (credit: IOS)

If you read music publications, you might be forgiven in believing there’s been a major milestone in […]

Interorbital’s Destiny

Last week Interorbital Systems, which is developing the Neptune orbital vehicle, announced that it was partnering with DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE) to sell flights on the vehicle. Who is DestinySpace? The press release describes the company as “the world’s leader in space tourism retail”, which no doubt comes as a surprise to Space Adventures and Virgin […]

Virgin’s Mojave competitors

Today’s Bakersfield Californian profiles two companies that are competing with Virgin Galactic to fly space tourists, namely Interorbital Systems and Benson Space. Both have Mojave ties: Interorbital is located at Mojave Airport and Benson Space plans to do testing at the airport. The same airport, of course, is home to Scaled Composites, which is developing […]