Reviving Spaceport Singapore

A Reuters article last week led with the news that Virgin Galactic planned to order additional SpaceShipTwo vehicles, with an initial order of five. That, though, has been what the company has been saying for some time (although the option for seven more, also mentioned in the article, isn’t as widely known). Virgin’s Alex Tai added that he expected the company to be profitable “inside the first five years”.

The Reuters article was filed in Singapore, where Virgin Galactic and other companies were for an aerospace expo. A local publication, Today, reported that Virgin’s plans to expand beyond Spaceport America could breathe new life into proposals for Spaceport Singapore. The proposed spaceport was announced two years ago by Space Adventures, which proposed to use a Russian-designed suborbital vehicle to operate out of there as well as a new spaceport in the UAE. However, Spaceport Singapore has stalled out; the web site’s sole press release dates from the original announcement in February 2006. Space Adventures’ Eric Anderson told Today that they have managed to raise only half the funding required for the project, although he remains hopeful that the rest can be found by the end of the year. Singapore officials appear to be indifferent to the project; the city-state’s trade minister told the publication that the spaceport was a private, not public. venture.

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  • Herb Bachner

    There are too many obstacles to overcome for a Singapore spaceport (which is to be colocated with the International Airport). First of all, Singapore airlines has excellent service using the airport (the only international airport on the island) as it’s regional hub. It’s a big moneymaker. Asking the airport to suspend operations (largely impacting Singapore Airlines)for a couple of hours to allow a suborbital launch and reentry just doesn’t make any $ense. Secondly, both Spaceship Two and a Russian vehicle would have to be approved by Singapore for use in it’s airspace system. I’m not sure that there are laws/regulations for accomplishing this approval process in Singapore, or how long they would take to develop. Now how about Dubai?

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