Getting hitched in space

Many readers are already familiar with the “first honeymooners in space”, George Whitesides and Loretta Hidalgo, who are among Virgin Galactic’s founders. However, a couple plans to one-up them by getting married in space, The Times of Northwest Indiana reports. Cindy Cashman and Mitch Walling are planning to tie the knot on a Rocketplane XP suborbital flight in 2008. The couple even has a web site titled “First Space Wedding”. (Some might quibble with the “first” part, since A Russian cosmonaut on the ISS got married to his Earthbound bride three years ago; Rocketplane appears to have covered that by “guaranteeing her the option to be the first bride to be married in space.”) Why she came up with the idea wasn’t mentioned in the article. However, at least we know what she can wear for the ceremony.

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