Weightless wedding

While there’s been talk for years about the first wedding or honeymoon in space using suborbital vehicles from Virgin Galactic or Rocketplane Global, one couple is going for a related first: the first wedding in zero-g. Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan are planning to hold a press conference this evening in New York to discuss […]

Florida’s inspector general finds problems with Project Odyssey

Back in January the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Florida governor’s office was directing an investigation of Project Odyssey, a space tourism training program in Pensacola funded with state money that was announced in December, after it appeared that the project’s director was heavily involved in its formation and funding while a state employee. Now […]

The wide world of space tourism

A roundup of space tourism news from across the globe:

Our first stop is Davos, Switzerland, where Space Adventures’ Eric Anderson says “business is good” for the space tourism company. Anderson, attending the World Economic Forum, said he’s looking for additional customers, but potential clients “should not expect any bargains because of the global financial […]

NewSpace and the financial crisis

It has been impossible in recent days to avoid the news about the current financial crisis gripping markets in the US and around the world, from bank failures to government bailouts to stock market plunges. Some have called this the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression or even “the end of American capitalism”. That […]

X Prize plus four years

Saturday is, of course, the 51st anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the canonical beginning of the Space Age. It’s also the fourth anniversary of the winning of the $10-million Ansari X Prize by Mojave Aerospace Ventures, the Paul Allen-funded effort by Scaled Composites that resulted in SpaceShipOne and White Knight. This has been a […]

See me on TV! (Offer valid for Maryland residents only.)

If you live in Maryland, or through some quirk of the airwaves or cable/satellite system manage to get access to Maryland Public Television, you have an opportunity to see me talk about space tourism Thursday night. Earlier this week I was interviewed for a segment of “Your Money and Business” on the topic for the […]

Narcissism, “eco-hypocrites”, and space tourism

Well, someone is not too happy with the concept of personal spaceflight. In a letter to the editor in Saturday’s Washington Post, C. Anthony Altar of Garrett Park, Maryland, uses the WhiteKnightTwo rollout to complain that personal spaceflight is “selfish excess” that should be prohibited. Such travelers, or, rather, “eco-hypocrites”, “burn toluene and other pollutants” […]

Rocket piloting: as exciting as operating elevators?

A session of the Space Access ’08 conference last night dealt with “paths to rocket piloting”: how can people who are interested in piloting a number of the new suborbital vehicles under development prepare for getting those jobs. Some companies have turned to test pilots and/or former astronauts, but if this industry does grow, the […]

Screening and training space tourists

Also in Monday’s issue of The Space Review I discuss some of the issues that are emerging with the screening and training of space tourists, as well as their crew members, based on a panel during the FAA’s annual commercial space transportation conference earlier this month. The highlight of the panel upon which most of […]

Getting the best out a bad poll

[Another catchup post.]

About a week ago ABC News published the results a poll about space tourism, among other space-related topics, with the key takeaway point that four in ten people woule be willing to fly in space for at least some amount of money. ABC also published the complete poll questionnaire and detailed results.