Weightless wedding

While there’s been talk for years about the first wedding or honeymoon in space using suborbital vehicles from Virgin Galactic or Rocketplane Global, one couple is going for a related first: the first wedding in zero-g. Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan are planning to hold a press conference this evening in New York to discuss their plans to get married on June 20th while in weightlessness, although not in space: they’ll be on a ZERO-G Corporation aircraft. “For this very special day, the bride will be wearing a zero-gravity wedding dress designed by Eri Matsui, a Japanese haute couture designer,” according to the media alert emailed earlier today. “The groom will be fitted with a specially-designed tuxedo courtesy of J. Lucas Clothiers, with tails crafted specially to take advantage of zero gravity conditions.” No pictures yet of the unique clothing, although presumably the wedding gown will be similar to what Matsui unveiled a few years ago.

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