See me on TV! (Offer valid for Maryland residents only.)

If you live in Maryland, or through some quirk of the airwaves or cable/satellite system manage to get access to Maryland Public Television, you have an opportunity to see me talk about space tourism Thursday night. Earlier this week I was interviewed for a segment of “Your Money and Business” on the topic for the show airing at 7:30 pm Thursday. It’s a brief (about 5 minutes) segment discussing some basic issues of orbital and suborbital space tourism (and arguably a bit dated since it took place before the Simonyi announcement Tuesday), including the seemingly inevitable discussion of the environmental impact of space tourism. I’m not sure when during the half-hour show the interview airs, so you may need to stick around through a discussion of personal chefs, jewelry, and retirement. If you’re worried about scheduling conflicts, the show does air a couple of other times; check the web site for dates and times, which are subject to change.

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