SpaceX reschedules launch for May 7

A day after announcing they wouldn’t make their previously scheduled launch date of April 30, SpaceX announced it has set a new launch date of May 7 for its Dragon demonstration mission to the International Space Station. “NASA and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station have approved SpaceX’s request to set May 7th as the target launch date for the upcoming COTS 2 mission,” a company spokesperson said by email. NASA issued its own brief statement supporting the new launch date for the mission, with this quote from NASA associate administrator Bill Gerstenmaier: “We appreciate that SpaceX is taking the necessary time to help ensure the success of this historic flight. We will continue to work with SpaceX in preparing for the May 7 launch to the International Space Station.”

The May 7 launch is scheduled for 9:38 am EDT (1338 GMT). A backup launch date of May 10 is also available.

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