A bit unclear on the concept

J.D. Fortune, the relatively new lead singer of the band INXS, told the Canadian publication JAM! Showbiz that his band has been offered a most unusual gig, although his description of it makes you wonder just how real his claims are:

INXS has played some great gigs the past year, including to 70,000 people in India, according to Fortune, but there’s one gig that will top them all, if it goes through – in space.

Virgin Group entrepreneur Sir Richard has formed Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company, which aims to send civilian passengers into suborbital space by late 2007 (for $200,000 U.S. a seat), and Branson wants some live music onboard.

“He’s looking to put a band up in space to do a 45-minute set, going around the world doing six orbits around the planet and then coming back down, but, man, I’m afraid to fly,” says Fortune. “I’d be on so much Xanax, I don’t even think I’d be able to speak (laughs).”

That’s right, 6 orbits in 45 minutes, all in a suborbital vehicle. I don’t think Mr. Fortune will need to worry about the Xanax.

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