Setback for RpK?

On the same day that Taylor Dinerman wrote glowingly on the future prospects of Rocketplane Kistler (RpK) after the company won a COTS award from NASA last month to help finish development of the K-1, Space News reports that a key member of the RpK team, Orbital Sciences Corporation, has pulled out [subscription required]. Orbital […]

Revisiting the “space tourist” term

In this week’s issue of The Space Review, Rick Tumlinson writes about why visitors to the ISS like Anousheh Ansari should not be called “tourists”. The catch here is that this essay was actually written back in 2000, right after Dennis Tito signed with MirCorp to fly as the first passenger to pay his way […]

Monday Ansari updates

Anousheh Ansari discusses some “space travel details” in her latest blog entry, including keeping clean and exercising. Not exactly the most romantic material but, as she puts it, “So I guess all the beauty and excitement of space comes with a price.” Also: the ISS is in the 281 area code, as Peter Diamandis […]

X Prize Cup updates

A couple of former X Prize teams plan on appearing, albeit not competing, at the X Prize Cup next month. Via the Lunar Lander Challenge blog is a press release from the da Vinci Project announcing that they plan to participate in the Cup and “show casing a new design”, and well as planning some […]

About that lag, and about that trip

In her latest post on her blog, Anousheh Ansari explains why there’s a delay in her posts:

I do not have realtime access to email. The email process is a batch process so it happens three times a day. I will do my best to get at least one entry in per day.

Also, she […]

Ansari update

Anousheh Ansari continues to blog from space, although there appears to be some kind of delay or other lag in their appearance on the site. A post titled “Atlantis from Orbit”, dated September 22 at 4:11 pm GMT (12:11 pm EDT) starts “L.A. [Michael Lopez-Alegria] just called me to watch the shuttle Atlantis land…” […]

Spaceport America first launch on Monday

New Mexico is set to inaugurate its commercial spaceport (even though construction of its facilities has yet to begin) with a launch Monday of a suborbital sounding rocket by UP Aerospace. The launch of the SpaceLoft XL rocket is scheduled for 7:30 am local time (9:30 am EDT, 1330 GMT). The nearest public viewing site […]

First post from space

Anousheh Ansari’s blog now has its first post from space, in the form of an email from Ansari to Peter Diamandis. (Some might quibble whether that counts as blogging from space, but that’s a technicality that’s lost on most people.) “I cannot keep my eyes off the windows,” she writes. “Earth is magnificent and peaceful […]

X Prize tickets on sale

Tickets are now available for the X Prize Cup in New Mexico next month. (Well, maybe not available at the moment I write this Thursday morning: the X Prize cup server was down.) Tickets cost $10/day for adults and $5/day for children and students; two-day passes cost $15 for adults and $10 for students and […]

Ansari arrival video

Via YouTube, here’s a five-minute video showing the arrival of Anousheh Ansari and her Soyuz crewmates on the ISS:

The quality is so-so, since it appears to be a video recording of the NASA TV webcast of the arrival ceremony, but a reasonable alternative if you were sleeping when the event took place or […]