Ansari update

  • Anousheh Ansari continues to blog from space, although there appears to be some kind of delay or other lag in their appearance on the site. A post titled “Atlantis from Orbit”, dated September 22 at 4:11 pm GMT (12:11 pm EDT) starts “L.A. [Michael Lopez-Alegria] just called me to watch the shuttle Atlantis land…” Atlantis, of course, landed Thursday morning.
  • Ansari is also doing something a lot of traditional terrestrial vacationers do these days: checking her work email. “It’s wonderful, the technology up here, it’s like I’ve never left the Earth and like I’m sitting in my office actually,” she told Reuters. One wonders if that’s really such a good thing…
  • German ISS astronaut Thomas Reiter said in a teleconference with the European Astronaut Centre that Ansari appears to be enjoying herself in space. “Our tourist is enjoying her stay. She is taking photos and has had radio contact over the amateur radio station. Meanwhile, we are just getting on with our jobs.”

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