Space tourism on The Space Show

The Space Show has a couple of recent space tourism-themed shows that may be of interest to listeners. On Sunday John Spencer of the Space Tourism Society was on the show, while tonight (Monday) at 10 pm EDT Jane Reifert of Incredible Adventures will be on the show (a recording of which should be available […]

A space hotel Genesis

In an essay in this week’s issue of The Space Review, Taylor Dinerman sees the launch of Genesis 1 last week as a key milestone towards the eventual development of space hotels. As he writes:

Only a few space tourists will be content with a short ride into orbit followed by a uncomfortable stay inside […]

Coming to (Spaceport) America

While the official announcement isn’t due until later today, the AP reports that New Mexico officials have come up with a new name for the Southwest Regional Spaceport: Spaceport America. The name’s genesis is interesting:

The name grew out of a 45-minute brainstorming session last December during a chartered helicopter ride to the spaceport site […]

Checking in on Dice-K

Daisuke “Dice-K” Enomoto, the next orbital space tourist, appeared at a press conference Thursday in Houston along with members of Expedition 14, the next long-duration ISS crew. The press conference itself didn’t get much press attention, since the STS-121 shuttle mission to the ISS is in progress, but offers an overview. Briefly, he’s eager […]

One small puff for a spacecraft, one giant breath for a space hotel

I have been too busy to have too much to say in regards to yesterday’s successful launch of Bigelow Aerospace’s Genesis 1 spacecraft (let’s see how much free time you have when you wake up to 4,500 unread emails.) A couple of good articles on the mission and its potential for orbiting hotels for space […]

Speculating on SpaceShipTwo’s design

Flight International magazine has an extensive article on the state of space tourism in its latest issue. It covers a lot of ground, ranging from vehicle development to regulatory, treaty, and insurance issues; I suspect much of it is based on the Royal Aeronautical Society’s space tourism conference held last month in London.

One interesting […]

Oklahoma TV discovers space tourism—sorta

An article posted on the web site of Oklahoma City TV station KSBI offers a revelation: “Space tourism isn’t necessarily out of the question”. The reason it isn’t out of the question, the article explains, is that while orbital flights to the ISS may cost $20 million, people can get a suborbital flight for about […]

Is 2006 a banner year?

An article on the web site of Technology Review magazine argues that 2006 will see “an unprecedented number of private launches”. As evidence, the article cites the inaugural launch of the Falcon 1, the pending launch of the first Genesis inflatable module prototype by Bigelow Aerospace (now planned for Wednesday, according to the Roskosmos web […]

Space tourism medicine

One of the issues that space tourism operators will have to cope with as they ramp up operations in the coming years is what health requirements they set for their customers. Be too restrictive and you may exclude too many people, yet be too permissive and passengers could suffer injuries, or die, on flights, opening […]

A “Rocket City” in New Mexico? Maybe.

Starchaser Industries, the former British X Prize competitor with operations now in New Mexico, announced Thursday that it plans to create “Rocket City”, a 50-hectare facility about 30 kilometers west of Las Cruces on Interstate 10. The center will host Starchaser’s manufacturing facility and offices, as well as well as training and other tourist features, […]