A space hotel Genesis

In an essay in this week’s issue of The Space Review, Taylor Dinerman sees the launch of Genesis 1 last week as a key milestone towards the eventual development of space hotels. As he writes:

Only a few space tourists will be content with a short ride into orbit followed by a uncomfortable stay inside a cramped spaceplane or capsule. They will want at least a semblance of the kinds of comforts available on the cheapest package vacation. Therefore the “space hotel” is the minimum system needed to give the industry a chance to grow beyond just a limited number of hardy adventurers. A space hotel will be the one place where tourists will be able to relax and enjoy themselves without suffering from the embarrassments and claustrophobia that are inevitable when someone with minimal training flies into orbit in a capsule or small vehicle.

He notes, though, that there are many challenges ahead for the company. “The real challenge for the company and its leadership will be to see how well it handles the inevitable setbacks.”

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