Armadillo alums starting new space company

A new company involving at least some former Armadillo Aerospace employees will unveil its plans on Wednesday. Exos Aerospace is holding a “ribbon cutting media event” Wednesday morning at the Caddo Mills (Texas) Municipal Airport, northeast of Dallas. That’s the airport where Armadillo Aerospace had operated for several years, developing vehicles and performing low-level flight tests.

The company hasn’t announced any more details in advance of Wednesday’s event, although, on Facebook, former Armadillo VP of operations Phil Eaton posted a brief comment and a link to a half-minute teaser video. “Come one come all, there will be tours, a live band, and a few comments from Congressman Ralph Hall,” he wrote. Hall, the former chairman of the House Science Committee, represents the Caddo Mills area in Congress.

Armadillo Aerospace had been in “hibernation mode” since last year, the company’s founder and chief funder, John Carmack, announced last August. Carmack later joined Oculus VR, a virtual reality company that Facebook acquired in March. Carmack later posted on Twitter that the Facebook deal gave him money to try again in aerospace, but that he had no plans to do so for “several years.”

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