Miley Cyrus claims she wants to fly on Virgin Galactic

Pop star Miley Cyrus has become famous—or infamous—for a number of things, including her performance at the MTV VMAs a few weeks ago. But in an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, she reveals something else: an interest in going in space. “I’ve always dreamed of going into space. I’m going to go at some point,” she says in a wide-ranging interview.

She’s particularly interested in going on Virgin Galactic, and claims she has an inside connection. “I’ve got a friend who invested in it, and he can kind of hook it up. I want to be one of the first ones,” she claims. It’s not clear who that friend is: Virgin has primarily been financed internally, with the exception of a stake in the company purchased by Aabar Investments of the UAE four years ago. At a current ticket price of $250,000 (not “like a billion dollars,” as she claims), she likely can afford to buy a ticket herself without the need for special connections.

In addition to her ability to afford a ticket, she also appears to have a healthy appetite for risk (both on and off the stage.) In the Rolling Stone cover story, Cyrus, among other things, goes skydiving.

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