Spaceport America unveils a more patriotic look on Independence Day

Old and new Spaceport America websites

The previous design (left) of the Spaceport America website, as it appeared Tuesday morning, and the new design (right).

When New Mexico officials announced almost six years ago that what had previously been known as the Southwest Regional Spaceport would henceforth be called Spaceport America, the decision raised a few eyebrows. After all, it wasn’t the only spaceport in the United States of America, and, in fact, at the time of the renaming the facility still existed only on paper. However, they didn’t play up the “America” (as in USA) angle that much in the branding of the site: the logo was done in a mix of black, red, and white, in a sci-fi-eqsue font somewhat similar to the one used by its anchor tenant, Virgin Galactic. In other words, more “spaceport” than “America”.

Today, though, in a redesign timed to the Independence Day holiday in the US, Spaceport America unveiled a new look that shifts that emphasis more to the “America” part of the name. The sci-fi font has been replaced with a more generic one, and the color scheme is now a very patriotic red, white, and blue. The spaceport’s logo features what the spaceport authority, in a press release about the design, calls “two stars coming together” in red and blue.

“The Spaceport America identity is created from the colors of our nation with red symbolizing energy, strength, and power and blue symbolizing trust, loyalty and wisdom,” the spaceport explained. “It reflects Spaceport America’s core commitment to the spirit of exploration, the promise of human potential, and the powerful combination of vision and courage as it launches the next generation of space.”

The spaceport authority also released one bit of non-redesign news about the spaceport itself: it has obtained a temporary “Certificate of Occupancy” from the state for the Spaceport Operations Center (SOC) building at the spaceport, a smaller dome-shaped building just north of the massive hangar that will be used by Virgin Galactic. The interior of the building it not yet complete, but the release stated that they expect final build-out to be done by the end of the year.

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