Transitions for two space entrepreneurs

This week marks a transition for two long-time space entrepreneurs, who are stepping away from their current ventures to look for new opportunities. At the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Washington on Friday, David Gump said he will be leaving his position as president of Astrobotic Technology, the Pittsburgh-based company competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP), as of the end of this month. Gump said he plans to return home to the Washington area (where his family remained while he worked for Astrobotic in Pittsburgh) and do some space consulting as president of CircumSpace Management Group.

Speaking on the same space entrepreneurship panel at ISDC on Friday, Rex Ridenoure, the president and co-founder of Ecliptic Enterprises, said he would be stepping aside from day-to-day activities at the company at the end of the month. Ridenoure has been working at Ecliptic, best known as makers of the RocketCam, since its founding 11 years ago, and he told attendees he felt it was time to shift into a new role. “I’m going to say in a more strategic role on the board,” he said, saying he would also be doing some consulting for Ecliptic and other commercial space companies.

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