See WK2 and SS2 fly in New Mexico this October

Well, at least flyby overhead. The organizers of the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) announced today that the two vehicles will put in an appearance in the skies over Spaceport America in New Mexico on October 22, the day after the two-day ISPCS. “This will be the first long distance test flight of the VG spaceship and mothership system as part of the celebrations inaugurating the completion of the runway at Virgin Galactic’s future home – Spaceport America,” the announcement states. The two vehicles made their first captive-carry flight last week.

To get a feel for what it (hopefully) will be like, here’s video I shot last June in Las Cruces as WhiteKnightTwo made a low pass over the runway at the local airport, after a planned flyby of Spaceport America the previous day was scrubbed because of a technical problem with the aircraft:

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