Burt Rutan’s BigThink

The web site Big Think has posted an extended interview with Burt Rutan, who talks about space tourism, innovation in NASA and the private sector, and other topics. I haven’t watched the full one-hour interview in its entirety yet, but in the portions I’ve watched he covers some familiar ground about the utility of space tourism and the innovation—or lack thereof—he sees at NASA today compared to the space agency of the 1960s:

If you hear him say anything interesting post it in the comments.

4 comments to Burt Rutan’s BigThink

  • bdwong

    I didn’t know Al Gore invented the internet…

  • 21Tarzan

    How do you regulate something (space tourism flights) that hasn’t been invented yet?

    Rutan comes up with a surprisingly simple rule: You may only sell tickets to the public when the CEO and the engineers have flown their children.


    Nice interview, he has a strong vision on the difference between Research and R&D where you’re doing research only when more then half the experts believe reaching the goal is impossible.

    He talks with passion, inspirational man this Rutan.

  • 21Tarzan


    Quote is: Yes, their children. Not their wifes, some don’t like their wife.

  • Gonzalo

    I hope that was a “lapsus linguae” and that he ment Tim Berners Lee….

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