A couple of pics

Here are a couple of pictures of the SS2 rollout from this evening:

SS2 and WK2 roll into position

Closeup of the side of SS2, including its own version of the ‘Galactic Girl’ nose art


SpaceShipTwo rollout: initial impressions

It’s cold. It’s windy. (advance excuse for typos: my hands are still warming up!) Not the best weather to roll out a new spacecraft, but it was still an interesting event. SpaceShipTwo is a beautiful spacecraft, rolling up to the site attached to WhiteKnightTwo.

There were, by Virgin’s count, about 800 people for the rollout, […]

While you’re waiting for the rollout…

I’m sitting in a hotel next to the Mojave Airport, which is serving as the registration area for SS2 rollout event. Even though the event is still a couple hours away, Virgin has already issued a press release about the unveiling and included some photos, one of which is below:

SpaceShipTwo attached to WhiteKnightTwo


Some things even Virgin can’t control

The Virgin Group, including Virgin Galactic, is well known for its planned, glitzy events to showcase the company and their achievements. Today is scheduled to be no exception: the rollout of SpaceShipTwo in Mojave reportedly will include some kind of lightshow Monday evening. A check of the NOTAMs, or notices to airmen, for Mojave Airport […]

Welcome to the NewSpace Journal

As you’ve noticed, Personal Spaceflight has undergone a dramatic redesign, including a new name. The new design was long overdue – the site has been using the same design since its inception in 2006 – but the focus of the site is changing slightly. Back in 2006 NewSpace was almost synonymous with space tourism (or […]