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As you’ve noticed, Personal Spaceflight has undergone a dramatic redesign, including a new name. The new design was long overdue – the site has been using the same design since its inception in 2006 – but the focus of the site is changing slightly. Back in 2006 NewSpace was almost synonymous with space tourism (or personal spaceflight), and that’s where the bulk of the attention was focused. Today space tourism is still important, but other entrepreneurial efforts, and new markets, are emerging, from smallsat launches to orbital spaceflight to serve the ISS and more.

It’s a bit ironic that the site is relaunching today, given that today’s the day Virgin Galactic is unveiling SpaceShipTwo in Mojave. (I’ll be there, and reporting on it here over the next day.) Virgin Galactic has been closely tied to space tourism, but even they have recognized the emergence of other markets besides space tourism. Moreover, that suborbital research market is gaining momentum, as I report in today’s issue of The Space Review. So this is a major milestone, but also part of an interesting time for the entrepreneurial NewSpace field.

If you have any questions or comments about the new design or content, please email me at jeff [at] thespacereview.com, or leave a comment here. I’ll be tweaking the site over the coming days and weeks based on this feedback and more.

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