Decisions, decisions

Pity poor Emma Morris, a 27-year-old publicist from Melbourne, Australia. Or not. You see, she’s a winner of a contest by Australian airline Virgin Blue that awarded her 25 million points, enough to be redeemed for a flight on Virgin Galactic. However, she can also use the points for two Alfa Romeo Spider sports cars (plus gas vouchers and cash), or a shopping spree, or a luxury vacation. She was offered the flight when Sir Richard Branson called her to let her know she had won the contest. “Do you fancy going into space?” he asked. Her response: “Nobody’s ever asked me that before. Um, quite possibly.” (You can hear a recording of the call on the contest web site, although be prepared for some celebratory shouting and screaming as well.) Later: “I can’t quite, you know, get my head around it that’s even one of the prizes.”

The press release, as well as a article, notes that her friends have created a “Will Emma Go to Space?” Facebook group to help her decide. She has until September 8 to choose a prize.

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