Video: WK2 in Las Cruces

A short video I shot with a pocket HD camera (Kodak Zi6) of one of the low overflights of Las Cruces International Airport by WhiteKnightTwo on Saturday. For better viewing go to the video on YouTube and be sure to select the HD option to see it in its full glory.

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  • Peter

    WK2 arrived back at Mojave with the random luck of landing during Mojave’s monthly “Plane Crazy Saturday.”

    “WK2’s first airshow appearance. Mojave trumps Oshkosh (where the debut had been planned to take place).”

    Some VERY nice photos there on Alan’s website and some VERY nice photos and video here, thank you Jeff Foust! BTW Jeff, did you have to change your pants after that close flyby? I know I did but then again I have a 46″ HDTV!

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