One more Odyssey update

It’s been an eventful week for Project Odyssey, the space tourism training effort stood up late last year in Florida, and its director, Brice Harris. Last Friday the Florida inspector general’s office concluded Harris “likely violated” state law by taking the job after playing a major role in getting the project state money while working in the state’s Office of Trade, Tourism and Economic Development last year. Despite that, though, Florida Governor Charlie Crist won’t pursue ethics charges against Harris, the Orlando Sentinel reports, primarily because Harris resigned his job at the Andrews Institute earlier this week.

The future of the overall project in up in the air: Space Florida, which contributed half of the $500,000 to set up Project Odyssey, said it’s freezing the unspent portion of that money, $200,000. The state could seek to reclaim the other $300,000, although it’s not yet clear if they’re interested in doing so, and if they would even be able to if they wanted.

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