What would you ask Charles Simonyi?

On Wednesday I’m going to be interviewing Charles Simonyi, who will be making a return trip to the ISS late next month as a private astronaut (aka space tourist). I’ve got plenty of questions that I can ask him, but I would like to see what questions you’d like to ask him if you had the chance. Leave the questions in the comments below or, if you prefer, email them to me at jeff [at] thespacereview [dot] com. (I leave it up to you to convert that into a valid email address.) The interview is Wednesday morning (US Eastern time), so please send any suggested questions by Tuesday night. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to use every question (or any question, for that matter), but will do my best.

2 comments to What would you ask Charles Simonyi?

  • ELee

    1) Why is he going back? Did he forget his wallet? (just kidding. ;-)

    2) Did he consider doing a space walk? (Since he was already qualified for the spaceflight and just needed the additional training for the spacewalk – as originally advertised on Space Adventures.)

    3) Has he considered investing in commercial space projects? – (Considering that $35M is similar to what it took to develop SS1.)

    4) Is he expecting to do anything different this flight? Is there anything he is bringing along – that he wished he had on orbit last time?

    5) Have any of his friends questioned his decision to fly again?

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