NGLLC Day 2 underway

Pixel departs

Armadillo departed the staging area right on schedule at 7:30 am MDT with the Pixel vehicle. They will be flying at around 8:15-8:30 am to compete for the Level 2 of the Lunar Lander Challenge and its $1 million first prize. More updates as they’re available.

Update 8:30 am MDT: Pixel ignited its engine but appears to have tipped over on its side; perhaps a hard start. Armadillo team is working to depressurize and detank the vehicle.

Update 8:40 am MDT: The morning attempt has been scrubbed. Fuel valve did not open, but LOX valve did, damaging the engine. They have a spare engine and plan to replace it and fly again later today. Below: Armadillo’s crane truck in position after the aborted launch.

Armadillo crane truck after scrub

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