Judging decision makes Armadillo’s path to the prize easier

After the TrueZer0 post-mortem this afternoon, the X Prize Foundation announced a judging ruling that positively affected Armadillo’s chances of winning the Level 1 prize. The judges ruled that since Armadillo’s effort this morning was stopped not because they had run out of competition time but instead because of the closure of the FAA airspace window, Armadillo can pick up where they left off this afternoon once the airspace window reopens. This means that they only need to make one successful hop this afternoon to win the prize, provided they do so and return the vehicle to the starting line before the remainder of their time this morning runs out. This certainly makes it easier for them: they only need to make one flight, not two, this afternoon and first prize for Level 1 is theirs.

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  • Even though the judges waived the rule, I think that there will always be sort of an asterisk on the win. Whoever wins second place will probably claim that they’re the only “true” winner.

    Is Armadillo eligible to compete for second place next year?

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