More of the same at Oshkosh; Armadillo status

Rocket Racer at Oshkosh 2008 Aug 2

The Rocket Racing League’s first racer flew again at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Saturday. This time the weather was better than Friday, when a storm encroached on the area; Saturday featured clear skies and light winds, so the Rocket Racer, again piloted by Rick Searfoss, flew a more ambitious series of aerobatic maneuvers. (More pictures to come.)

One minor difference outside of the flight was that the second Rocket Racer, which had been on display at the RRL exhibit, was not there on Saturday. The vehicle is being towed back to Texas, where it will perform a test flight on Tuesday for the FAA. I did not see anyone from Armadillo around the exhibit either day, although one person had another commitment: founder John Carmack was at the QuakeCon tourament in Dallas this weekend, where he briefly talked about Armadillo with the Dallas Morning News. Carmack noted that the venture is now making a small profit after “eight years of being a money pit.” Carmack is spending 20 hours a week on Armadillo, on top of 40 hours at id Software; he said Armadillo is considering hiring a “full-time chief executive” in the near future.

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