WK2 pictures

White Knight 2 in Mojave on 7/28/08

I’ve posted to Flickr an initial set of images from the White Knight 2 rollout for your enjoyment. There’s a lot more from where those came from that I’ll be posting later, but these give you at least a little glimpse of what the event was like.

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  • Peter

    Anybody else notice that it looks like two daschunds held together with a paint stick? LOL, other than it’s pooch-like appearance I think it’s amazing!

    Can’t wait to see it fly… Can’t wait to see what the pilots think of flying it from an off-center cockpit!!! I’m not sure I’d want to fly it with strong cross winds!

    One other thought… On this “prototype” only one cabin has been pressurized and fitted with an interior. Is this only temporary? Is it to save money or time (in getting it ready for rollout quicker)? I would think that after initial test flights are complete they’d cut out the windows and outfit the other cabin but who knows?

    I’m not sure I’ll ever afford a ride in SS2 but I personally would LOVE to ride in WK2 if the chance presents itself!!! Scaled, you’ve done it again, AWESOME WORK!!!

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