2008 Lunar Lander Challenge plans announced

The X Prize Foundation announced late Friday afternoon that the 2008 Lunar Lander Challenge (LLC) will be held at Holloman AFB in New Mexico on October 24-25. Unlike the past two years, the LLC appears to be taking place as a standalone event and not part of an X Prize Cup. The press release notes that “the public can follow the action” via webcast, with no mention of public attendance at the event itself, or any other activities associated with previous Cups.

This would appear to be in line with previous rumors about the event, which indicated that it would be held at Holloman immediately after the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight, which will take place in Las Cruces on October 22-23. (Those earlier reports suggested that symposium attendees would be allowed to attend the LLC; there’s no mention of that in the X Prize release.) This has to be seen as something of a step back for the X Prize Foundation, which had touted the Cups as a way to connect the public to the emerging personal spaceflight industry. This approach, though, does allow them to meet the requirement to hold an annual LLC competition while minimizing expenditures.

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  • Andy Motherway

    Does this mean NO 2008 X Cup? THAT would be a huge step back!

  • Andy,
    IIRC the Cup was originally going to happen every two years anyway so this may not be considered a setback but more of a chance to return to “normal”.

  • Dr. Haynes test flies his Star Trek in the Garage plasma propelled UFO for the FAA/AST

    Dr. Doug Haynes, CEO of the world first FAA/AST registered Spaceline and builder of the worlds first manned UFO (Haynes Saucer) completes initial flight testing of his upgraded plasma drive propulsion motors and their associated RCU maneuvering system. Upgrading of the PDP motors are in support of Dr. Haynes “Go 100% Flight Green” campaign launched last year by his spaceline. Instead of using hydrocarbon based fuels to power the FAA first registered flying disk Dr. Haynes “state of the art” plasma drive propulsion (pdp) motors were used to power the Haynes Saucer through the thin Colorado atmosphere at record breaking speeds and altitudes. All of Dr. Doug’s flying saucer was designed to uses his PDP motors. Dr. Haynes PDP motors work by highly energizing electricity to ionize / thrust vector statically charged air surrounding their circular airframes. This is the first time a flying disked shaped vehicle (UFO) has levitated off the ground and flew without creating hydrocarbon based pollutions.

    The safe and successful completion of Dr. Haynes historic flight opens the door to real “Green fight” operations in and out of the atmosphere during the early 21st century. The smaller Haynes Saucer will operate like the Jettison Mobile terrestrial commuter for most of the DEHAS Inc customers. The slightly more advanced Blue Ridge Nebula Spaceline version will have the capability of dock with its larger Star Trek Enterprise configured mother-ship during deep space flight events as depicted on their newly re-designee space transportation reservation website (www.bluenebula.com). The company has supported/competed in several international civilian spaceflight races while successfully transforming their original FAA certified air carrier airline into a cargo / passenger charter spaceline operation as profiles on their webpage at (www.blueridgeairlines).

    Dr. Doug’s spaceline will also build its own orbital docking transfer terminals which generate the same artifice gravity centrifugal forces as his Haynes Saucers do now.
    Dr. Haynes and his Blue Ridge Nebula spaceline management team are also the only civilian passenger/cargo space transportation operators to have actually conducted multiple real-time, round-trip, spaceflights to the Mars orbital system in raining.

    The pioneering team is currently completion the final registration protocols for FAA/AST (spaceline) RUV certification operations which call for the flight testing/qualification of all the Haynes Saucers hardware. The Blue Ridge Nebula Spaceline company is the only X- X-Prize competitor of the early 2000 to have not yet experience an unsafe program deployment occurrence such as vehicle crashes or explosions, thanks to God’s guidance and protection. As always feel free to attend one of our public flight demonstrations scheduled in mid March and October of each year and experience aeronautical history in the making. As always God bless you all this summer.

  • Michael Causey

    Hi Jeff, hope you are planning to attend ISPCS this year? Let me know if you need info about press credentials, etc. Best, Michael Causey

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