Gauging the size of the personal spaceflight industry

The Personal Spaceflight Federation issued a press release yesterday about a new study with some financial metrics about the personal spaceflight industry. The numbers are surprisingly large: the study found that the industry generated $268 million in revenue in 2007, up from $165 million in 2006, with $1.2 billion in total investment to date as well as 1,227 employees of various firms.

All the release says that the revenue numbers include three categories: “personal spaceflight services; personal spaceflight-related hardware sales, hardware development, and support services; and, non-personal spaceflight revenue of personal spaceflight organizations”. More details will (presumably) be released when the study is presented Saturday at the ISDC; I suspect that much of the revenue comes from that last category, particularly for PSF members like Scaled Composites and SpaceX, which have significant business activity not directly related to personal spaceflight.

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