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I was contacted by a reporter earlier this week looking for information about Sprague Astronautics, a company that made a splash a few years ago (under the name AeraSpaceTours) but has been quiet since. (Its last press release is dated June 28, 2005.) I haven’t heard anything about them for some time, and assume the company is either defunct or in deep dormancy, but would be curious to know more about what happened to it.

Also, I noticed earlier this week that the web site for Benson Space Company is down. If you go to the site you see this message: “This Website was developed by Rockets Away! Media a service brand of DoubleBill Productions, LLC.”; it then redirects to the Rockets Away! Media site without further explanation. Benson Space was active last year, including a new design for its suborbital vehicle at the ISDC in Dallas last May; there had been little in the way of updates since the summer, though.

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