Next step for Spaceport Sweden

Last January Sweden announced plans to study the development of a commercial spaceport in Kiruna, a site in the northern part of the country home to a sounding rocket range, with Virgin Galactic as the potential first tenant. An announcement about the “next step” for Spaceport Sweden is now planned for Tuesday, April 1. According to the release, 26 “work packages” associated with studies for the spaceport have been completed in cooperation with Virgin Galactic, looking at issues ranging from accommodations to space operations. (SSC has also been involved with “Rymdstad Kiruna” (Kiruna Space City), an effort to increase the presence of the space industry in Kiruna.) The event, to be held in Kiruna, will cover both the path forward for Spaceport Sweden as well as provide an update on Virgin Galactic’s plans.

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