Virgin Galactic making a profit, in a feature article about Virgin Galactic turns up one mildly surprising point: the company, while still in the development stage, is profitable, if only by a modest amount. The article notes that in the company’s first publicly available financial reports since it was formally incorporated in the UK in mid-2006, the company had an after-tax profit of £136,400 (US$270,260)—a little more than the price of a single ticket. That the company is making a profit at all is a little surprising, since it’s still in its early stages with (presumably) large expenditures involved with the development of SpaceShipTwo and White Knight Two, although that depends on exactly how those expenses are accounted for, and their timing. The total development cost for the project is still pegged at around $250 million, with $80 million, provided by Virgin Galactic’s corporate parent, the Virgin Group, spent.

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