When royalty and space tourism promotion mix…

…hijinks ensue, the Daily Mail claims:

The gents toilets are the last place you’d expect to find a princess who’s fifth in line to the throne.

But that’s exactly what happened when feisty Princess Beatrice was caught following her beleaguered boyfriend into the toilet to give him a right royal tongue-lashing.

The 19-year-old lambasted her man, Dave Clark, when she followed him into the gents at the launch party of the Virgin Galactic spaceship in New York.

You’ll have to read the article to find out what prompted the contretemps. Oddly enough, you never see this happen at, say, an AIAA conference or the National Space Symposium…

2 comments to When royalty and space tourism promotion mix…

  • Charles Lurio

    Makes me think maybe it was OK that I didn’t make it to the party.

    Someone once told me that the kind of PR person that Galactic was looking for was this guy who was Beatrice’s ‘man’…because he is. I’m glad it was clearly evident in NY that that wasn’t the _only_ kind they have. :-) Poor bloke.

  • Scott

    Actually, if someone is fifth in line to “the throne” — the washroom is a most appropriate venue.

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