Space tourism not so popular in Jacksonville

Richard Branson spoke at an event Tuesday night in Jacksonville, Florida, talking about his various ventures, including Virgin Galactic, which led to this exchange as reported in the Florida Times-Union:

Branson began building his business empire in the 1970s when he established Virgin Records, initially as a mail-order record outlet and later a record label. […]

Private human spaceflight conference call for papers

Reader Garrett Smith passed along a note about the call for papers for the IAA Symposium on Private Manned Access to Space, to be held May 28-30, 2008 in Arcachon, France. The conference will focus on the technical, legal and regulatory, financial, and other issues associated with human suborbital and orbital spaceflight. The deadline for […]

Astronaut farmer, meet astronaut fab engineer

The introduction of this Arizona Republic article probably puts it best:

By day, Morris Jarvis works as an instrumentation and control engineer for Intel Corp.’s newest factory, Fab 32.

By night and on the weekends, he is Arizona’s version of the “Astronaut Farmer,” building a vehicle he hopes to launch into space someday.

Jarvis is […]

The wide world of space tourism

Cue the “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” theme music…

Our first stop in our world tour is Israel, where the first travel agency certified by Virgin Galactic has started selling tickets. According to the director of that agency, Galactic Dreamlines, most Israelis who have expressed an interest in suborbital spaceflight to date are businesspeople […]

No Lockheed money for PlanetSpace

Lost in all the developments surrounding the X Prize Cup was a report that Lockheed Martin would invest $45 million towards the development of a spaceport in Nova Scotia for PlanetSpace. Well, so much for that. The Globe and Mail reported a day later that Canadian officials had quashed any such investment plans, which were […]

X-Racer test flight video

When Rocket Racing League’s Granger Whitelaw announced last Friday that their prototype X-Racer had performed three test flights the day before in Mojave, he declined to show any photos or video of the flights, and provided few technical details about the tests. There’s still no information about the tests on the RRL’s web site, but […]