X Prize Cup day 1 photos

I’ve uploaded to Flickr a photoset of images from Saturday’s X Prize Cup events. It’s a mix of airshow photos, Lunar Lander Challenge images, and the unveiling of Orbital Outfitters’ commercial spacesuit (more on that in the near future.)

3 comments to X Prize Cup day 1 photos

  • Thanks for the reports, video and first pictures. Too bad for Armadillo. They came so close… I suppose Pixel didn’t even do any demo flight then?

  • Jeff Foust

    There are only two windows each day to perform Lunar Lander Challenge flights: 8-10 am and 12:45-2:45 pm MDT. Thus, there was no opportunity to fly Pixel yesterday (and even if there was, I suspect the team would have focused on prize-qualifying flights versus demonstration flights.) This setup does make one wonder how the competition would have worked if multiple teams had vehicles ready to fly this year…

  • Ok, thanks ! Keep up the good work.

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