At Forbes, time is a relative concept posted today a review of Michael Belfiore’s book Rocketeers published earlier this summer. Or, at least, the review is time-stamped October 2, 2007, at 3:24 pm Eastern time. The review’s lede: “At California’s Mojave Airport last week, an explosion killed three and critically injured two.” Last week? That accident took place over two months ago, of course. (And they also got the number of people injured wrong; it was three.)

So maybe they’re recycling a review published two months ago. Or maybe not. The start of the next paragraph: “A burgeoning industry was launched 50 years ago today with the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union.” Erm, not quite: Sputnik was launched 50 years ago Thursday, the day after tomorrow. So either time is a relatively unimportant concept for Forbes’ traditionally well-to-do readership, or they’re unable to afford an editor.

(For the record, the review is generally favorable to Rocketeers, noting that “Belfiore’s writing is lucid and energetic, and his passion for all things space-related makes even technical discussions of aerodynamics easy reading.”)

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