Pictures from the X Prize event

A few photos from the X Prize event in LA today:

Weiss, Page, Diamandis, and Aldrin

From left: Bob Weiss of the X Prize Foundation, Larry Page of Google, Peter Diamandis of the X Prize Foundation, and Buzz Aldrin answer questions after the press conference.

Rover and Diamandis

While Diamandis talked, a small robotic rover (built by the Univ. of Oklahoma) rolled out onto the stage and onto some faux lunar rocks (where it remained until it was moved by hand later in the press event, either by design or because it got stuck)

Lunar explorers future and past

A closeup of a model of a future lunar explorer, with a famous past human lunar explorer in the background.

During opening ceremonies for NextFest just before the X Prize announcement, a man with a rocket backpack flew over the crowd (literally — my ears were ringing from the noise of the rocket!) to “deliver” a proclamation to the mayor of LA in honor of the event.

Moon kids

A sentimental favorite: Thursday was an educational day at NextFest, with thousands of students in attendance. After the X Prize event was over a group of kids came over and took positions under a giant model of the Moon by the stage. Education and inspriation of youth was a big theme of the X Prize announcement; let’s hope these kids stay inspired.

3 comments to Pictures from the X Prize event

  • Dave Miller

    Just to clarify — the rover was moved by hand to its new position by design. The new position was on a disconnected table in front of the stand where the first picture was take. While very mobile, the rover was not capable of leaping the meter sized gap between the surface it was on during the presentation and the place the event organizers wanted it for the photo-op Q&A session.

  • Peter Shearer

    Wish I could’ve been there…

    …Am also loving how involved Buzz Aldrin is in all of this!

  • Herr JoJo

    Whoa, party like it’s 1969!

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