More from Tai about Northrop/Scaled deal

While we wait for more officials details about Northrop’s acquisition of Scaled Composites, I went back to the comments by Alex Tai of Virgin Galactic Saturday morning at the NewSpace 2007 conference. Some additional excerpts from his brief mention of the deal in his address:

We’ve spent a long time looking at this, and […]

Tai: Scaled acquisition is “extraordinarily positive”

Alex Tai of Virgin Galactic gave the keynote address Saturday morning at the NewSpace 2007 conference and briefly mentioned the news that Northrop Grumman is acquiring Scaled Composites. Tai said that a formal announcement is planned for Monday, but that Virgin is “extraordinarily happy” and “extraordinarily positive” about the acquisition. He said that they couldn’t […]

Report: Northrop Grumman buys Scaled Composites

Space News is reporting this afternoon that Northrop Grumman has increased its stake in Scaled Composites from 40 to 100 percent [subscription required]. A formal announcement about the deal hasn’t been made by either company, nor terms of the sale announced. Alex Tai of Virgin Galactic, who is in Washington today to attend the NewSpace […]

Shameless self-promotion

If you are looking for something to do this Sunday afternoon, you can tune into The Space Show at 3:00 pm EDT, where I will be Dr. David Livingston’s guest on the 90-minute show. One thing we will be talking about during the show will be the NewSpace 2007 conference, which wraps up Saturday, but […]

Space tourism developments in Canada and India

Yesterday’s issue of The Globe and Mail, a national Canadian newspaper, profiles businessman John Criswick, one of four Canadians who have signed up with Virgin Galactic for suborbital spaceflights. Criswick, the CEO of a mobile software company, has had a long interest in space, and even applied to join the Canadian astronauts corps but didn’t […]

The high cost of going into space

Yesterday Space Adventures announced that they have finalized the contracts for the next two tourists to visit the ISS. The company didn’t disclose the names of the tourists, saying only that more details would be released “in the coming weeks”. That’s not too surprising: the company had been dropping hints for some time that they […]

UK space policy and space tourism

Earlier this week the Select Committee on Science and Technology of the British Parliament issued a report on UK space policy. What’s noteworthy about this report is that it includes a section about space tourism. This section outlines the recent developments in vehicles and companies to serve primarily the suborbital market, including Virgin Galactic, of […]

Canadian optimism about space tourism

A large fraction of Canadians think that space tourism flights to other planets would be possible within the next 100 years, according to the results of a poll reported by the Canadian Press. A whopping 85 percent thought that such vacations would be possible in the next century “or more”, including 13 percent who believed […]

A jet engine for White Knight 2

Pratt & Whitney Canada announced today that Virgin Galactic has picked its PW308 engine for use on the White Knight 2 aircraft that will be the carrier aircraft for SpaceShipTwo. The engine, which generated up to 30,700 newtons (6,900 pounds) of thrust, has been used on a number of bizjets; the press release doesn’t indicate […]

G-loading comparisons

As a followup to Benson Space’s announcement of its “low-G” reentry plan, Brian Binnie of Scaled Composites talked a bit about the planned reentry experience for SpaceShipTwo during a talk Saturday at the Heinlein Centennial in Kansas City. According to Binnie, the peak G forces on reentry will be about 7 Gs. However, in a […]