Canadian optimism about space tourism

A large fraction of Canadians think that space tourism flights to other planets would be possible within the next 100 years, according to the results of a poll reported by the Canadian Press. A whopping 85 percent thought that such vacations would be possible in the next century “or more”, including 13 percent who believed that such jaunts could be possible in the next 50 years. However, “futurist” Mike Dover of Toronto consultancy New Paradigm tried to put the kibosh on such thoughts in the Canadian Press article: “I don’t see that it would be in the realm of possibilities for amateur or civilian travel for many, many centuries.” Of course, it depends on what’s meant by vacations to other planets—or, for that matter, what a “planet” is. After all, Space Adventures is recruiting passengers for a circumlunar flight that could take place in the next several years, not centuries.

2 comments to Canadian optimism about space tourism

  • Ben Brockert

    (You have a plant where you want a planet.)

    How could it possibly take centuries? Aside from a global collapse of civilization, that seems pessimistic to an absurd level. It didn’t take much more than ten years to go from first orbit of anything to first man on the moon. First tourist around the moon will happen in a few years, first tourist on the moon a few more years after that. And if Musk gets his way, Mars next.

  • Mike Dover

    I stand by the point (although I didn’t say many many centuries). A lot of development needs to happen before there can be tourism on other planets. Unless tourists are willing to go into suspended animation or space travel and near warp speed becomes possible, we are looking at probably just Mars or Europa as candidate destinations.

    Will civilians be able to travel to them in manner similar to what we call vacations within the next hundred years? I doubt it.

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