PSF updates its Mojave statement

The Personal Spaceflight Federation issued Saturday an updated statement on Thursday’s accident in Mojave. The statement builds upon the brief statement issued by the organization and includes these key bullet points:

  • We will always be open and honest to the public and our customers about the risks of our activities and about any incidents that may occur.
  • If there is an incident, a proper and methodical investigation will be conducted to determine the cause.
  • We will apply the lessons of the investigation now underway and work to prevent this from happening again.
  • We will persevere – we believe that we can best honor those pioneers who were involved by carrying on their work.

The statement is signed by representatives of 16 of the PSF’s member organizations, including Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites and Alex Tai of Virgin Galactic. The PSF has 18 members; the two organizations not included in the latest statement are Blue Origin and the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority.

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