George Whitesides’ second job

Evidently being executive director of the National Space Society isn’t keeping George Whitesides busy enough (hard to believe, given all the energy he puts into NSS activities): he has signed on to be a “senior advisor” to Virgin Galactic, according to a report by Space News (subscription required). He’ll work with Virgin on government and regulatory issues, according to the report, as well as being a general advocate for the company; he’ll split his time between Virgin Galactic and the NSS. Perhaps now he’ll get a discount on the reservations he and his wife, Loretta, have on SpaceShipTwo…

3 comments to George Whitesides’ second job

  • Garry

    Getting a discount, eh? I wonder how long it will be before Virgin Galactic has interline fares or jumpseats so I can go on the cheap! ;-)

  • Charles Lurio

    When Alex Tai made the announcement about George at ‘Flight School’, he indicated that Whitesides’ dual duties would last about 6 months, until they found a successor to him as NSS.

  • james lee

    George is a good guy and will do a lot of good for them.

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